Ideologies in life, the decay of values
and material are the themes present
in the monumental work of van
Bunningen. Encompassing notions
as primitivism and urbanism underlie
his work. the indestructible material
impresses and contradicts the decay.
His work emphasizes the moment of
a monument. One of the sculptures
presents the erosion of ideologies
such as communism, fascism or
capitalism.The work moves towards
a large-size physical appearance
of a personified historical moment.
Van Bunningen says: "My work is
celebrating individual life beyond the body.
It is a homage to individuality,
a cathedral of a new religion."
The interests and the vision of the
artist result then in large sculptural
pieces, where the experience of the
material is strong, and the size has
an absorbing effect.

Angela Serino (Amsterdam, June 2012)


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