A sick man's dream (aegri somnia vana), 2012

Niels van Bunningen (Fine Art) has welded and worked on his figures for a year and a half. ‘A Sick Man’s Dream’ is loosely based on the poem ‘Awaiting The Barbarians’. “One important theme in my work is the decline of ideologies. Everything we regard as a set value is suddenly replaced by something new. In this work, I portray the decline of one man. The central figure is headless. He is falling over backwards, in between worlds. Right at that moment, his fantasy world explodes. All aspects of that person are made visible around him.”

Van Bunningen had a tonne of sand deposited in his workshop to create the relief forming the work’s base. He drew the composition in advance, and many of the figures were created during the process. “If you don’t do that, you’ll spend a year on implementation alone, and there’s no progress at all.”

Following his graduation, Van Bunningen was invited to exhibit at Galerie Ron Mandos in Amsterdam, as a part of Best Of Graduates 2012. Van Bunningen: “It’s a real honour to be one of 28 artists picked from 700 graduates.” Apart from that, his work ‘Verval’ (‘Decay’) can also be viewed at Bart Kunst in Huis in Nijmegen.
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