EEA residency,

-Crossing point, Beelitz Heilstätten, summer 2010.

__Let the great world spin, Niels van Bunningen

The Installation was made out of steel, old ventilator engines, cord and wood. The three ventilators were found in the old Beelitz TBC complex and were used to keep a good air circulation, to get the patients better. These three fixed engines were hung, for my project, each in a steel frame and these frames hung in the room, dividing it in two. The composition of these frames reminding the stained glass windows of a church.
The ventilators would stay on during the exhibition, creating sound, movement and air. Each “ member” would have it’s own characteristics, one would be off balance and would shake wildly in it’ s frame while another would create a crystalline sound.
This work was a homage to the location it was presented in, bringing old elements of the building back to life and presenting quasi-religious way.

-Turning point, Amsterdam, december 2010






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