Pauwenveer Trofee :

In 2018, the "Pauwenveer" trophies, commissioned by the "Prince Bernhard culture fund" were made by Niels van Bunningen.

The Brass trophies will be awarded, every two years, to cultural initatives in the province of Gelderland
.2018 winner: Onderduik museum Aalten

.2020 winner: Besiendershuis Nijmegen

.2022 winner: DRIFT festival Nijmegen

The trophies were made out of etched brass in a wooden (Ypé) base.
The work symbolises the complex relation between society and culture, in which the frame, symbolising society, needs culture (the peacock feather) for fulfillment, and culture needs society in order to stay whole.

Pictures taken by Dick Brouwers.